Joining a public team


  1. Select Enter Now and complete your personal information
  2. Select ‘Join a team’ and search for the team you would like to join in the search box

  3. The available teams will drop down from the search box – select your preferred team. If the team profile picture and name appears then complete your registration and you are in!


Joining a public team after registration


  1. Search for your team in the ‘Find a friend’ search box

  2. Click through to the team listed under ‘Teams’:

  3. Click on the team you would like to join and then click 'Join Us'

Join a team via invitation


  1. To join a private team, you will have to join by invitation. Members of the team can send an invite by visiting their team dashboard. Select the team dashboard through the drop down menu from your name in the top right corner of the website:

  2. Click through to your Team Dashboard, and either copy the invitation link, or share on Facebook, Twitter or over email through the click through boxes: