You're off! You've completed 5k. That's the same as a parkrun, or half the annual London Winter Run


Well done! You've now completed a total of 10k or more. That's 6.2 miles, and the same distance as the annual London Winter Run


That's not only two London Winter Runs combined but it's about the length of 800 polar bears walking in a line. Great work!


50k straight ahead! Did you know the biggest iceberg ever recorded was 37km wide! That's nothing compared to how far you have run.


IglYOU are amazing! At nearly 100m tall, you've now run the equivalent of the height of Big Ben ONE THOUSAND times! Some serious miles on the clock...


All right stop. Collaborate and listen. 3k baby!


Brrrrrrrialiant start. You've completed 5k in one activity. No getting cold feet now, you're flying!


7k (or 4.35 miles) is a huge chuck of the total we will be running on Sunday 7th Feb. There really is snow stopping you!


The Norwegian way of living. Friluftsliv means embracing the outdoors in the winter months!

Ice Bath

You've run the streets, now time to run a bath. You deserve it after completing a full 10k in one go.

12 Days of Christmas

Ho Ho Ho. On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a virtual badge to reward my sterling efforts.